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Digital Production as a Service aligns Manufacturing

Digital Production as a Service aligns Manufacturing

Innovations in machinery and plant manufacturing stopped being restricted to products alone many years ago. Such innovations now cover entire corporate value chains – from customer-centric development right through to data-driven services in after-sales. New financing models and the adoption of results-based payment models from other industries (such as “Every- thing-as-a-Service” or “X-as-a-Service”) are accelerat- ing the rate of change, enabling everything from pure product innovations to business model innovations.

This potential for innovation is illustrated using FlexFactory as an example at the end of this white paper.

  • Drive transition and mitigate further or potential rating downgrades
  • Kick-start production facilities in an open ”greenfield”
  • Transform your production and finally your business model
  • Transform from selling equipment to selling performance

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Dr. Phillipp HypkoManaging Director