SUCCESS STORY: Strategic and operative realignment of vehicle construction at VW OS

There is a need for solutions to efficiently handle time spreads, different platforms and different drive types (ICE & BEV).

Our task: Development of a future image for the Osnabrück site to ensure future competitiveness in the segment of flexible small series production.

We have drafted a vision for the future that includes the following points:

1. Strategy: Development of a comprehensive strategy concept for the production site

2. Production: Evolution of the assembly line, with a focus on the integration of flexible assembly concepts

3. Logistics: Low-waste and production-oriented

4. Financial transformation: Presentation of alternative financing models


"Zu der Erarbeitung unseres Zukunftsbildes hat die FlexFactory, neben innovativen Impulsen zur Flexibilisierung, vor allem einen entscheidenden Mehrwert im Bereich von alternativen Finanzierungskonzepten gebracht.“

Jörn Hasenfuß, Sprecher Geschäftsführung Volkswagen Osnabrück GmbH

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Dr. Phillipp HypkoManaging Director