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Boosting Battery Cell Production with Production as a Service

October 28th, 2022

"We focus on delivering processes and innovations for a flexible and sustainable battery cell production"

The 2020s are expected to mark the decade in which lithium-ion battery energy storage will become an integral part of our daily lives. The observed product diversity at cell level is closely related to the multitude of battery powered applications that can be seen across the industrial landscape. Opportunities to establish LIB Production in a PaaS setting are manifold, providing interested users with the vital freedom to focus on their existing core competences in the best possible way.

A flexible production plays out its advantages when demand is fluctuating and custom batches are needed, given its ability to compensate by shifting unused volumes to products with higher demand. As a result, PaaS lays the operational and economic foundation for flexible cell factories with the ability to produce small series at scale.

Find out more by downloading our joint study with PEM.

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Johannes MettenSenior Business Development & Customer Success Manager