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Our target groups

Automotive & Off-Highway

Automotive & Off-Highway

Incumbents: Drive transition retaining profitability despite small or multi-variant series as well as utilization-sensitive spare parts production

New Competitors: Kick-start production facilities in a ”greenfield” approach and gain independence from venture capital

Automotive Suppliers

Automotive Suppliers

Tier 1: Lead transformation despite tough capital markets and rapidly changing product demands

Tier 2-3: Enter asset-backed refinancing and flexible, high-utilization production and testing facilities

Machinery & Equipment

Machinery & Equipment

Transform your business model from selling equipment to selling pay-per-use performance supporting your customers’ need for flexibility, backed by strong financing partners to scale beyond single projects


Transform your business to a service-based model in order to gain a part cost advantage by improving your ability to balance your capacity to fluctuating demand

Other Manufacturers

Example: Leisure Products
Gain access to business models and financing solutions enabling you to transform your company from own manufacturing to pay-per-part models

We want to be your production partner

The manufacturing industry is going through a period of massive transformation. Successfully mastering this period as a manufacturer requires a new mindset and approach.

Frequent shifts in demand, regulation, and technological progress put pressure on their existing value proposition (cost, quality, time). Further, uncertainties in global supply chains and an increasing push towards local production yield in investment and cost risks. Ultimately, an ever-growing pressure from customers and legislation to produce sustainably requires producers to redesign their operations. The combination of developments creates a tremendous investment need around manufacturing assets with uncertain demand forecasting. We believe it is time to reconsider the approach to manufacturing as a core enabler for future growth.

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Dr. Phillipp HypkoManaging Director