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START FlexFactory assesses your PaaS readiness

Deliver a target-oriented and comprehensive overview for any PaaS case as well as the groundwork to design a case specific setup and derive measures, milestones, and deliverables

  • Assess feasbility/ maturity
  • Identify challenges
  • ​Derive measures

DESIGN FlexFactory designs your PaaS concept

Support manufacturing companies on their journey from conventional setups to “as a Service” business model by delivering tailored concepts for management decisions

  • Technological concept
  • Financial concept
  • Commercial concept

IMPLEMENT FlexFactory guides PaaS implementation

Implement “as a Service” offering for a particular client by aligning involved stakeholders and solving key aspects around production technology and comercialization

  • Business case definition & venture building
  • Financial strucuturing
  • Due dilligence process & investor discussions
  • Legal paperwork & term sheet

Deep Dive: PaaS Assessment

Flexible ProductionTo quickly and comprehensively answer the question on how well suited a production for PaaS is, we developed the flexible production assessment. Based on this assessment measures to meet necessary flexibility levels for all relevant aspects will be derived. Dimensions: * Structural flexibility​ * Technical flexibility​ * Process flexibility​ * Workforce flexibility
Financial TransformationFast and reliable first indications on refinancing options are key for asset heavy projects. With the Financial Transformation Assessment, we quickly define project specific parameters that facilitate attractive refinancing options and enable tailored investors approach. Dimensions: * Industry attractiveness​ * Stakeholder attractiveness​ * Project attractiveness
SharingEvery technology, industry, and company has a different physical, legal, or market perspective on a multi-user prodcution. In our Sharing Assessment we assess the likelihood for sharing the production with other industry players. Dimensions: * Willingness to share production​ * IP & regulation * Industry-specific restrictions * Pricing and payment capabilities

Asset User

Move from owning your manufacturing assets to using them. Production as a Service helps you to access innovative production technology in a time where uncertainty is a factor in every investment decision.


  • Automotive & Off-Highway
  • Automotive Suppliers
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Other Manufacturers
Machinery & Equipment

Customer Success Story

Strategic and operative realignment of a vehicle construction at Volkswagen Osnabrück

Task: Development of the vision for VW Osnabrück to ensure future competitiveness.


  1. Strategy:
    Positioning and USP as a small series production manufacturer delivered.
  2. Flexible Production:
    Concepts to build multiple models on a single assembly line developed. Restructuring of the plant layout to optimize the material flow.
  3. Financial Transformation:
    External versus conventional financing models specified for Volkswagen Osnabrück.


Delivered the vision and path towards efficiently handling the material flow, multiple platforms, and different engine types (ICE & BEV) in a single production line.

  • Increase of assembly places by 70%
  • Increase in usable logistics space by 37%

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