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Asset User

Move from owning your manufacturing assets to using them (CapEx to OpEx). Production as a Service helps you to access innovative production technology in a time where uncertainty
is a factor in every investment decision.


  • Consumer (e.g., durables, apparel, food)
  • Health care (e.g., equipment, pharmaceuticals)
  • Industrials (e.g., automotive, aerospace)
  • Information technology (e.g., hardware, chips)
  • Materials (e.g., chemicals, metals)
Machinery Producer

FlexFactory’s contribution and value-add

START Determine status quo

  • Assess flexibility of production
  • Identify manufacturers for sharing
  • Determine feasibility for external funding

PREPARE Design target picture

  • Design flexible production concept
  • Develop operating governance model
  • Design pay-per-x commercialization concept
  • Define business case and financial structure
  • Approach investors and align term sheet

IMPLEMENT Realize externally funded production

  • Set up legal structure of project company
  • Leverage implementation partners
  • Set up project management office

PaaS Assessment as your starting point

The assessment covers the following objectives:

  1. Flexible Production:
    Assess flexibility of brownfield or planned production
  2. Financial Transformation:
    Assess financial attractiveness for third-party investors​​

The PaaS assessment comprises of two perspectives​

Flexible Production

Our proprietary Flexible Production Assessment determines the degree of flexibility of your production.

Based on this assessment, we can derive specific measures to achieve the flexibility target state and enable sharing.


  • Production process flexibility (e.g., logistical flexibility)
  • Digital efficiency enabler (e.g., preventive maintenance)
  • Workforce flexibility (e.g., employee flexibility)

Financial Transformation

Our proprietary Financial Transformation Assessment indicates refinancings options for an externally funded production.

Based on this assessment, we can define project specific parameters that facilitate refinancing options and enable a tailored investor approach.


  • Industry attractiveness​ (e.g., industry outlook)
  • Stakeholder attractiveness​ (e.g., credit-worthiness purchaser)
  • Project attractiveness (e.g., customer base)
Customer Story

PaaS assessment & roadmap


  1. PaaS assessment: Interviewed decision makers to define status quo along four work packages – production and digitization, financing, commercialization, and strategic fit​
  2. Target picture: Defined option space with pros and cons for three relevant scenarios​
  3. Proof of Concept: Designed roadmap along actual use case; including implications on KPIs and next steps


  • Identified technical (OT and IT) and financial challenges as well as corresponding countermeasures​
  • Summarized all decision to be made yielding in three scenarios incl. operating models and high level pricing calculations​
  • Delivered roadmap and work package definitions to implement PoC use case with an actual customer
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