Flexible Production

Flexibility as the key for future oriented factories thereby coping with fluctuating market dynamics and adjusting the associated investment risk
July 6th, 2022

System flexibility requires hardware and software to go hand in hand

Automation Hardware

Automated technologies such as robots or automated guided vehicles lay the foundation for short changeover times and derivative flexibility


Production Software

A digital twin of the entire value chain connects all assets seamlessly and thereby enables an efficent process flow


Flexible Production

Synchronizing the automated hardware and
the right production software leads to a
fully flexible and scalable production concept

Improve the efficiency and lifecycle of your assets

Flexible production can cope with a high variance and multiple derivatives
thereby improving the overall efficiency and ecological footprint


A fully flexible production can be a competitive advantage yielding in higher customer satisfaction and attractive earnings per part


Producing multiple components or derivatives on one production line increases the utilization of the underlying assets


Given the high degree of flexibility, the production can be shared and therefore contribute to a lower resource consumption

Higher capacity utilization as compared to conventional setups

A flexible production plays out its advantages when demand is fluctuating given its ability to compensate available capacity with a dynamic shift

lower declines

given the ability to produce multiple parts successively

faster recovery

as automation-heavy set-up allows for fast change-overs

improved KPIs

since manufacturing assets are advantageously utilized

Gain access to Porsche’s highly flexible production concept

The Multi Product Line (MPL) production concept is an innovative hang-on part production comprising of one effective reference layout, delivering a customer variability without limits in quantity (variance up to infinity)

Production Scope

  1. Automotive hang-on part production
  2. Aluminum/steel mix with given technological specificants
  3. Quick model changes enable full "as a Service" capability

FlexFactory is an official license holder of Porsche's
Multi Product Line (MPL) concept

Technological advancements

  • Product range includes hang-on parts within body in white production
  • Type variance up to infinity can be implemented (over runtime of asset)
  • Changeover times minimized, fulfilling all technical "as a Service" requirements

Cost advantages

  • Up to 40% savings in case of eligible multi-project allocation over lifetime
  • Flexible adjustment of general  investment costs to project allocation possible
  • Spare parts production after End-of-Life (EoL) within same asset possible

Planning advantages

  • Flexible project allocation building resilience for stakeholders
  • Scalable manufacturing concept (concerning output and production complexity)
  • Direct integration of spare parts volume after EoL within same asset possible

Map the entire process flow within a digital twin

Frequent product changes within a flexible production demand for a progressive software solution that covers the entire value chain from design to completed product. This digital twin is essential for the necessary quick reactions of the complete production system to new demands and technical requirements over time. As a consequence, flexible production concepts are consisting of a well designed link between different software solutions. For each of these steps, we rely on proven software technologies from our partner network covering the segments production planning, automation, and cloud technology.

IIoT as the foundation for Production as a Service

Further a strong Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) backbone is the foundation for making the leap to an "as a service" production set-up. For instance managing the fall-out risk as part of the financing is closely connected to a strong predictive maintenance installment. A sufficient amount of data points as input for risk calculations is only possible within a connected production line. Also the pricing, billing, and payment rely on a digital infrastructure that provides transparency over the utilization of the underlying assets.

Flexibilize your production with us

Production planning

We have the expertise to challenge your production concept and propose a radically new flexible design to become more resilient

Composition of project team

Our team consists of industrial engineers with experience in production strategy, production planning, operations, and digitalization

Orchestraction of partner ecosystem

We are the orchestrator that connects the relevant stakeholders and has the know-how to align everyone's interests

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