Financial Transformation

Enabling the Capex to Opex journey by reallocating risk exposure and facilitating as a Service business models in the production space

How does our offering work: Creating an independent company for as a Service production

By setting-up a separate entity to create access to production equipment, we can turn a production asset into an investment opportunity, benefitting from sharing of production capacity with other market participants and opening the door for performance oriented payment models

  • Orchestrates due diligence process and overarching stakeholder management for funding in cooperation with investors
  • Develops concept for design and technology (jointly with the manufacturer)
  • Advises on production planning and financial model


  • Provide financing
  • Receive “risk-adequate” return

Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)

  • Owns production assets
  • SPV set-up by FlexFactory


  • Purchase production capacity
  • Step into role of operator (optional)

The Ingredients we need to enable third-party funding

Sharing model

Diversification of demand risk through multiple users of production​

Positive business case

Sustainable business case of project, validated by proper due diligence

Alignment of interest

Stakeholders have “skin in the game” (through e.g. purchase guarantees)

Pay-per-use model

Users of production pay per use of production assets

Rethink your approach to production: Why Financial Transformation is relevant for manufacturers

Through decoupling the ownership from utilization of production assets
and managing part of the remaining risk we can attract external investors
with long-term investment horizons

Lower risk of ownership

Capacity usage instead of ownership of production shifts risks away

Capex to Opex

Lower investment need trough third-party capital

Independent financing

Business case of project opportunity drives ability to attract funding

Dedicated capital structure

Tailor-made capital structure to reflect stakeholders objectives

Difference to other solutions

In a traditional financing model, manufacturers own and finance their
production assets through e.g., equipment financing or bank loans.

Traditional Financing

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