Our First Executive Roundtable Event!

Two days on the "Factory of the Future as a Service"

Our First Executive Roundtable Event took place on the
12th and 13th of May in Leipzig and Halle.

We aimed at connecting executives along the manufacturing value chain to discuss flexible production systems and new financing concepts. This is what we call the “Factory of the Future as a Service”. The event focused on networking and exchange, but also provided new input and showed practical examples.

Moving forward together

We believe that we can only move forward and innovate together. It's important to discuss, exchange ideas and learn from each other. That's why it's best to bring together decision-makers and work together with partners.

Because of this the 'First Executive Roundtable Event' has been a joint event from BCG, Smart Press Shop, Porsche, and FlexFactory!


Establishing new business models comes with complexities that only experts can solve – manufacturing, software/ IoT, finance, and consulting need to align. Together we are stronger. That's why there has been enough time to talk to each other.

Exciting Presentations

We got insights from different angels of different industries. Among others, executive keynote speakers from Porsche, KUKA Systems and Deutsche Bank shared their view on flexible production and new financing concepts.

Shopfloor visit

We jointly visited the Smart Press Shop in Halle. It is a real life example that Production as a Service is already happening today.

“Meeting people, meeting highly professional experts [...] is helping to understand, how can we jointly move forward to make Production as a Service happen.”

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